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Queen, this is a guide for you to use as it lists a few new habits, actions, and thoughts to shift you as you take on a new life and a new start. Get rid of the old and walk into the new! Download your copy today!

Jennifer Sumter

Founder of Black Queen Blogging

Hello Queen, welcome to Black Queen Blogging! You have entered a platform designed just for you! BQB is about the empowerment, boldness & guidance you need to reign in your Queendom. I decided to start this blog because I believe this is what I'm called to do. I feel as if I could be a voice for women who really want & need to see her life in a bigger, deeper, & superior way. My purpose is to encourage, inspire, teach, mentor, lead & give advice to help my Queens shine in their lives! God placed it on my heart to be here for you Queen!

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How can I regain control of my life to really reign in my Queendom?

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Reigning as Queen means living a life of purpose, deep fulfillment, abundance, passion, influence, freedom, and wealth on every level.

--Molesey Crawford


Self Love

Queen Affirmations

From this day on, I'm a Queen who steps fully into my power. No more worrying about what others say about me because I am created in the eyes of God. I will love me with all my heart, soul, and mind. I believe that the only thing that matters most is what I think about myself.

I will reign in my Queendom as a powerful individual who knows my worth. I will not settle for less in any area or aspect in my life. Being a bold, beautiful, strong woman is in my DNA and nobody shall stop my light from shining. I'm free to be me always!

My life as Queen continues to manifest greatness in the world that radiates from me to touch someone else. I am a guiding light, a leader, a visionary, and a teacher. I shall continue to elevate into a better person each day. I will no longer shrink but blossom in my highness on my thrown in my Queendom!

I am proud of me. I am empowered, free, joyful, and satisfied. Where one journey ends, another begins; when one door closes, even more open! I have faith in the path God has for me. I will walk in newness and be undefeated. My purpose in this life shall be fulfilled and prosper. I will unapologetically walk in elegance and class with my head up high!  

Embark on your journey of life with pure essence and enjoy what life has to offer you. Even though some days it may feel like things aren't going your way, just know that better is rising. You are brave, smart, confident, gracious and more importantly, you are you! This is your time to embrace a greater life and be who you were meant to be. You are a Queen!

A Message To One Queen From Another

--Queen Jingy

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